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Stuck At Home? How About Taking a Virtual Museum Tour?

These are uncertain times, friends, and I know there's a lot of fear and anxiety about the spread of COVID-19.  We all have to do our part, which for many of us simply means staying home to slow the spread.  So on top of the fear and anxiety, you may now be experiencing cabin fever (which we should keep in mind is WAY better than an actual fever!). 

I teach an online Art Appreciation course for the University of Georgia.  So, even though the campus is closed to students and almost everything is currently up-in-the-air, our class continues on as planned!  Well, almost.  I had to make an adjustment to their current assignment, which is why I'm sharing this with you right now-- I think everyone would enjoy the first step, which is to virtually visit a museum!  The original assignment required students to visit a museum in person and find a work of art to critically analyze from direct observation.  While direct observation is definitely the best way to view art, it is not the only way, and since it is not advisable and/or possible to go in person to a museum, I amended the assignment to require students to take virtual self led tours.  

Many museums have amazing virtual experiences for their visitors, so get online and go on a virtual tour!  It is a great way to learn something new and find inspiration.  There are so many amazing choices out there, so to reduce overwhelm here a just a few to start your exploration...

Georgia Museum of Art

 High Museum

 Philadelphia Museum of Art

 The Metropolitan Museum of Art


Image shown:

Terracotta Vase

Cypro-Archaic I

750-600 BC


14.5 cm

(Metropolitan Museum of Art)


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