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  • Pit-Firing Magic

    Pit firing produces magical results!

    I built a "pit" in my backyard and I've been experimenting with various organic materials to produce a variety of effects and colors. The surfaces remind me of the night sky or the milkyway. 

  • Taking Risks

    When is taking risks a good idea?

    Definitely in the studio.  We have to take risks to find new pathways.  We want to make discoveries, find new connections, make something that didn't exist before, something we couldn't necessarily plan for or imagine.  So, we try new things!  We say to ourselves, "what if I try this?", "what happens if I put this here?", "what if I do this thing I was always told never to do?" 

  • Stuck At Home? How About Taking a Virtual Museum Tour?

    These are uncertain times, friends, and I know there's a lot of fear and anxiety about the spread of COVID-19.  We all have to do our part, which for many of us simply means staying home to slow the spread.  So on top of the fear and anxiety, you may now be experiencing cabin fever (which we should keep in mind is WAY better than an actual fever!). 
  • First Online Sale Feb. 1st!

    February 1st, 2020! Just in time to get your sweetie, your best gal pal, your bro, or yourself some lovely pottery for Valentine's Day!  Opens at 1...