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Taking Risks

When is taking risks a good idea?

Definitely in the studio.  We have to take risks to find new pathways.  We want to make discoveries, find new connections, make something that didn't exist before, something we couldn't necessarily plan for or imagine.  So, we try new things!  We say to ourselves, "what if I try this?", "what happens if I put this here?", "what if I do this thing I was always told never to do?" 

Taking risks in the studio leads to lots of small failures, but, importantly, it also leads to our greatest successes!  It keeps our work from being boring and predictable.  It's how we grow as artists.

When is taking risks a bad idea?

During a global pandemic.  I just don't see how sending kids, teachers, and staff back to school during a pandemic is a worthwhile risk to take.  The only growth I see coming from that is a growth in numbers of people becoming infected with the virus and subsequently dying.  I get it that distance teaching and distance learning are not awesome.  And, more importantly, I realize that many students rely on school to eat breakfast and lunch. 

But, instead of rushing to send everyone back into crowded school buildings, can we try to work on solutions to getting people fed, sheltered, and educated that don't involve risking lives unnecessarily? 

Can we use our giant, over-educated brains to think critically and holistically to solve these problems?  Because if we can't, then what is the point in being educated in the first place?  It seems to me that we have plenty of money, food, and shelter to go around.  We just need to find ways to distribute our resources.  I'm not suggesting that this will be simple or easy, I'm just saying it's possible and prudent.

Moving slowly

I wish I could tell you that I'm excited to announce my new shop update this week.  But, guess what?  I have not updated the shop.  I had to slow down this month in the studio for a few reasons.  One is that the online art appreciation class that I teach needed a lot of attention.  The summer session moves quickly and it takes a lot of time and energy to stay on top of the class.  Another reason is that it is hard to stay focused on personal goals while the world is falling apart.  Can you relate?  And, lastly, it's hot as hell here, and sometimes all I want to do is curl up on the couch and watch Grey's Anatomy. 

I realized that having a sale the first week of August was an arbitrary goal, and that I had the power to cut a lot of stress out of my life simply by postponing the sale!  What are you doing to cut stress out of your life?  I'd love to hear in the comments.

Also, is there anything you wish was in my shop that's not there?  I'm doing a lot of thinking and playing in the studio, so anything is possible at this point!  I have lots of mugs and vases to glaze, and this body of work will be predominantly black and white (and terra cotta).  I'd love to know what else you'd like to see!


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